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Epsilon - Gate Pass system

Epsilon- Gate Pass system is a comprehensive security management application for large and medium organizations having multiple entry points where visitors are required to be authorized by the staff before gaining entry into the premises.

While creating the gate pass, all the missing data from the master database is asked for entry. So if an employee enters inadequate information about a visitor, the security person can complete the same when he meets the visitor. The security person will have to take the photograph of the person for his first visit but for subsequent visits, the data including the photograph can be picked up from the database.

The gate pass can be printed in various formats and user can even customize the gate pass for his needs. It provides comprehensive, enterprise - class visitor registration, tracking, reporting and badge printing, as well as web-based pre-registration and access control.


    Visitor Pass
  • Record and control visitor entry and exit into the organization
  • Authorize visitor entry into the organization
  • Visitor Gate Pass with photo ID and option to print the same
  • Bulk Visitor Pass generation
  • Use photograph of visitors on their next visit
  • User will be prompted about his appointments and visitors
  • Alert message at security about the visitors inside after office hours
  • Executive dashboard is available
  • Extracting various analytical reports for easy tracking
  • eMail & SMS notification

    Material Pass
  • Creating returnable / non-returnable Gate Pass
  • Material Pass approved through higher authority
  • Alert message of returnable items on due date to security
  • Monitor returnable items status
  • Keeping track of item delivered and pending items
  • Send component items and receive assembled product
  • Extracting various reports for easy analysis

 Epsilon Flyer

 Epsilon Flash Demo