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About Cherrytec Slogan

"Intellects Bridging the Future"
The power of reasoning in matters of abstract or academics is termed as Intellect. Intellect is also the capacity for "rational thought" or "inference". Being an Intellect provides oneself a clear vision to view things in a more reasonable and rationalized way. Cherrytec's strength lies within its Team of Intellects. Our recruitment ensures Intellects who provide value addition not only to Cherrytec, but most importantly to our Clients. The power to visualize a problem and provide appropriate, value-added, cost-effective solutions lies with our Intellects working on our various Clients' needs.

Future is defined to be an unpredictable time frame, where things do change for sure but not sure what the changes are. Thus predicting the Future poses a challenge to any human being. We constantly work towards the Future, predicting and believing in our predictions and changing ourselves to make the change happen. Technology keeps changing every second and predicting this has become a tough job. Even the business process has been attuned to technology thereby forcing businesses to take new turns. The Future is becoming more a challenge to live than a mere time frame of existence.

Cherrytec, with our Intellects behind the computing power, foresees the Future and makes predictions that are realistic, tangible and achievable. We provide solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies' converge. The intellectual mind thinks and works not only on the changing technology, but also on the changing business scenarios and market trends, to build new products or services and to implement prudent business and technology strategies in today's digital environment. Thus, the power to Bridge the changing Future in line with changing technologies lies with these Intellects. This bridging provides the chemistry for the intellectual minds to predict the changing future. This leads our Clients to newer, more powerful environments that bring business growth, within a controlled time-frame and cost.

Intellects don't build walls that hinder themselves from exploring. Instead they build Bridges. Our People build Bridges to the Future. With this in mind, was coined our slogan - our driving force - Intellects Bridging the Future".